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� � "This is an unexpected pleasure," said the Colonel, at length, shaking hands with them warmly. "Come, let us seek shelter in my tent, and you must all dine with me to-night." � 鈥淢y young friend,鈥?said he, good-naturedly, 鈥測ou really must not carry on conversations with people in the sun, while you are in a public railway carriage.鈥? 鈥淟or鈥?now,鈥?said she, 鈥渉as he really? Dear gentleman! Is it about love?鈥?And the old sinner threw up a wicked sheep鈥檚 eye glance at me from under her aged eyelids. I forget what there was in my reply which provoked it 鈥?probably nothing 鈥?but she went rattling on at full speed to the effect that Bell had given her a ticket for the opera. 鈥淪o, of course,鈥?she said, 鈥淚 went. I didn鈥檛 understand one word of it, for it was all French, but I saw their legs. Oh dear, oh dear! I鈥檓 afraid I shan鈥檛 be here much longer, and when dear Mr. Pontifex sees me in my coffin he鈥檒l say, 鈥楶oor old Jupp, she鈥檒l never talk broad any more鈥? but bless you I鈥檓 not so old as all that, and I鈥檓 taking lessons in dancing.鈥? av大片,aV欧美网,日本毛片,亚洲日韩天堂在线 Deal? � His finance was always based upon the supposition that he should go back to school with L1 in his pocket 鈥?of which he owed say a matter of fifteen shillings. There would be five shillings for sundry school subscriptions 鈥?but when these cooks bills were paid the weekly allowance of sixpence given to each boy in hall, his merit money (which this half he was resolved should come to a good sum) and renewed credit, would carry him through the half. 鈥淎nd are you still as fond of music as ever, Mr. Pontifex?鈥?said Miss Skinner to Ernest during the course of lunch. "'That man with the red coat and the cocked hat?' he inquired.