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GIVING COMFORT TO OTHERS 鈥楩eb. 24, 1888.鈥擨 found your letter awaiting me this evening, when I returned from the four days鈥?Conference of Lady Missionaries at Amritsar.... Conferences are rather tiring. Sittings each day from 10 to 1, and 2 to 4, and always something besides. We had about sixty ladies, of various Denominations and Societies and Nationalities too, English, German, American, Indian. On Thursday, after our Conference work, we went to Church, and had such a solemn spiritual sermon from our new Bishop.[121] It was the first time that I ever had seen him. Eric and I cinched tight our hydration packs, and I pulled a bandanna over my head. It was alreadysteamy. Caballo slid through a gap in the retaining wall and began picking his way over theboulders to the edge of the river. Barefoot Ted pushed ahead to join him, showing off how nimblyhe could hop from rock to rock in his bare feet. If Caballo was impressed, he wasn鈥檛 showing it. 鈥業t was rather naughty in Margaret to tell you that I had a cold; I did not know that she would be such a blab! However, she is not an easy person to be angry with. I think that dear kind Doctor, B. D., is quite pleased with me. He thinks that I have done more in the way of getting well in twenty-four hours than I should have done in a week had I been a Zenana lady, because I should not have obeyed him. The Natives are so very lazy about anything in illness which involves any trouble.... Dear Margaret and Francis take great care of me,鈥攃oddle me!鈥?(Then comes a pleased reference to the thought of the Medical Bible-woman for the next cold weather.) 鈥業t was such an utterly unexpected thing.... It is so nice to meet with a servant of a true Missionary spirit. Of course she will need taking care of herself. I told Francis that he should calculate on her pankah costing 锟? a year. I do not need as much fanning as some Europeans do; but I count my pankah as that expense; and it would be folly to grudge it. You see, in the Panjab, if you wish to sleep at night, you must have a pankah in the hot weather even at midnight, unless you can sleep in the open air,鈥攚hich I find impracticable in a boys鈥?school; and I do not see how good Mrs. R. could manage it.... 鈥淗ow much water do we need?鈥?Scott asked. [396] e欧美性情一线免费http Horatia. Begone this instant ... we shall want poultry. Wring every chicken鈥檚 neck in the yard, or I鈥檒l wring yours as sure as I stand here! [Exit Weasel.] MADAM, � Three Ounces of Almonds, with Orange Flow'r-Water, By this time Miss Tucker was a little apt to fall behind in new methods of work, and to cling to what was old-fashioned. Needful changes in the High School were at first a trouble to her, even though they might be real improvements, tending to render the school more efficient. She liked, for instance, to drop in at odd hours, and to 鈥榯ake a class,鈥?after the manner of an English squire鈥檚 daughter dropping into the village school. As numbers and discipline increased it was found to be not always a[433] convenient plan, and objections were made. Miss Tucker one day, in a fit of depression at having to give up this and other things, is recorded to have said, 鈥楳y work is done! I don鈥檛 care how soon I go now!鈥?