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Vigil鈥檚 theory had brought him to the brink of a very important decision, one that would changehis life and, he hoped, millions of others. He just needed to see the Tarahumara in person to verifyone thing. It wasn鈥檛 their speed; he probably knew more about their legs than they did. What Vigilwas dying for was a look inside their heads. � � � 鈥淲hen I鈥檓 out on a long run,鈥?she continued, 鈥渢he only thing in life that matters is finishing therun. For once, my brain isn鈥檛 going blehblehbleh all the time. Everything quiets down, and the onlything going on is pure flow. It鈥檚 just me and the movement and the motion. That鈥檚 what I love鈥攋ust being a barbarian, running through the woods.鈥? � AV在线AV日本一道 Few ever saw this Ted. That was their great loss鈥攁nd his. � � � After the guests had gone, Lady Keeling launched forth into her usual comments on the success of her dinner-party.