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� � "Well, later on, when we had Wal-Marts and went public, I went out and borrowed what seemed likean awful lot of money at the time and bought stock with it. Bud and Sam came down to the store oneday, and Bud said: 'Willard, I sure hope you know what you're doing.' He told me I had more faith thanhe did. I always knew it was going to be successful. The philosophy made sense, and you couldn't helpbut believe in the man."In the years to come, that lure of partnership helped us attract a lot of good managers, but I don't believewe ever had one who bought more stock than Willard. And of course he feels pretty good about ittoday. 5 Then came the Word of God to Adam and Eve, and said to them, "This is he who was hidden in the serpent, and who deceived you, and stripped you of the garment of light and glory in which you were. � � Av天堂影院首页,男人的天堂东京热,yy480成人影片亚洲天堂 Philosophically, we have always said, Submerge your own ambitions and help whoever you can in thecompany. Work together as a team. complete, that he afterwards can copy it exactly on the The counsel, who generously volunteered his services in your behalf, shocked at the enormity of your offence, endeavored to find a refuge, as well for his own feelings as for those of all who heard your trial, in a derangement of your intellect. Several witnesses were examined to establish this fact; but the result of their testimony, it is apprehended, was as little satisfactory to his mind, as to those of the jury to whom it was addressed. I sincerely wish this defence had proved successful, not from any desire to save you from the punishment which awaits you, and which you so richly merit, but from the desire of saving my country from the foul reproach of having in its bosom so great a monster. � �