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November 19, 1863 You don't believe he is guilty because you are honest yourself, John, said Mr. Bond, willing to gain over his older clerk by a little flattery. "But how can it be otherwise? I put the money very carefully in the envelope. Oliver put it in his pocket, and when he hands the letter to Mr. Norcross it is empty." 鈥榊es? Yes鈥攚hat?鈥? That鈥檚 how Scott later painted the scene for listeners on NPR鈥檚 This American Life. 鈥淲e stop thecar and start running after three鈥攁 buck and two does. They run very quickly, but for shortdistances, and then stop and stare at us till we catch up. Then they take off again. Sometimes theyrun a quarter of a mile, sometimes a half mile.鈥? I'm very hard up, and I want money. But she was silent, and for so long that he feared she was annoyed. av激情网-欢迎您!! Oh, I know you have always stuck up for him! said Roland, annoyed. "You are deceived鈥攖hat is all." � By sunup, we鈥檇 left the river and turned up into the mountains. Caballo was pushing hard, evenharder than he had the day before. We ate on the move, chomping down quick bites of tortilla andenergy bars, sipping conservatively on our water in case it had to last all day. When it got lightenough to see, I turned and looked back to get my bearings. The village had vanished likeBrigadoon, swallowed whole by the forest. Even the trail behind us seemed to dissolve into thethick green foliage as soon as we passed. It felt like we were sinking into a bottomless green sea. Lieberman began playing the possibilities out in his mind. 鈥淢aybe we pirated carcasses killed byother predators?鈥?he asked himself. 鈥淪cooting in and grabbing them while the lion was sleeping?鈥? �