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Once we found a good location, we just got after it and put up a store there. We built our own fixturesthen, and we still do today. We had what we called a Store Opening Plan, but basically we would call inthe troopsusually we called in all the available assistant managersand put together a store. I'll bet a guylike Al Miles has put together 100 stores and been to over 300 store openings. We had to assemble thefixtures, order the merchandise, and plan the advertisingnot to mention hiring and training the folks to runthe store. We just all dove in and got it done. There are all kinds of stories about those things. Iremember one time I didn't want to spend any money on motels so we all slept in sleeping bags on thefloor of one of our guys' houses. His furniture hadn't gotten there yet. � Borrowing! No; you're one of the lucky folks of this world, who can grant favours instead of asking them. But it really is of small consequence, after all; I'll manage somehow, if you have any objection. I believe I have a nabob of a godfather, General Indigo, as yellow as a guinea and as rich as a Jew. My mother was talking of him the other day, and, perhaps, it would be better to ask such a little favour of one's own people. I'll look up the nabob, Mr. Maxfield. "He was always trying to get somebody to work with us early in the morning or late at night. To get NewYorkers to do that is something really difficult, you know, because they all catch the train and they've gottheir rules about everything. But Sam would always find somebody to visit with us at night. For one thing,he wanted the trips to be as short as possible. For another, he wanted to make sure we were working allthe time. We have a group of longtime investors in Scotland who have done it better maybe than anybody. Backin the early days of our growth, the Stephens people took us to London, where we first attracted theinterest of these folks. They told us right off that they believed in investing for the long term. They saidthat as long as they felt good about the basics of the company, and had confidence in the management,they wouldn't be buying and selling the way many of these fund managers do. Man, they were talking mylanguage. Years after that first trip, we visited with them in Edinburgh, and they really laid it on for us. Wehave a similar group out in California. No, my lord; not to me. I can't afford expensive luxuries. e欧美性情一线免费http,e性情一线在线http,e欧美一线在线http I don't know, ma'am, stammered Rhoda. � � � Of the half dozen major projects she's involved in at the moment, the most significant is her new book, The Fountain of Age. "It's about the last third of life," she explains. "I call it the new third of life, because many women have only begun to discover that it exists."