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Bit by bit, Coach Vigil was being drawn deeper into American distance running and further fromhis Copper Canyon plans. Before the 2004 Games, he was asked to establish a training camp forOlympic hopefuls high in the California mountains at Mammoth Lakes. It was a ton of work for aseventy-five-year-old man, and Vigil paid for it: a year before the Olympics, he suffered a heartattack and needed a triple bypass. His last chance to learn from the Tarahumara, Vigil realized,was gone for good. � "But, madame鈥攄id she not know her?" 鈥淎s to that passage, father, I can easily believe that it is Filiutius鈥?own.鈥? � � Av天堂影院首页_亚洲第一狼人天堂网_中文中幕a在线_可乐操 "I often wished to change my way of life, but it was too late then. I was already known as Silas Gyde the usurer, and men had hardened their hearts against me. My diffident attempts to make friends were rebuffed. I was forced back into the rut I had worn for myself. There was nothing for me to do but earn the reputation the world had given me. � But that would all come later. For now, Caballo was content to just sit alone under a tree, smilingand sipping a beer, watching his dream play out before his eyes. � �