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Two years had slipped away. The ice moon had given place to the crescent whirlwind moon. The wild duck and geese had long since ceased their plash, plash in the water opposite "The Wigwam," as the children delighted to call their new home in the forest. The noble rivers, the picturesque falls, the monarchs of the forest towering heavenwards, the fragrance of pine and cedar, the lakes and rivers teeming with fish and fowl and fur-bearing animals, seemed to the children of the new Chief a paradise; nor were they alone in their views. The stern realities of pioneer life made it none the less enchanting to the man who gloried in overcoming difficulties and in braving hardships in one of the greatest conquests undertaken by man鈥攖he wresting of a wilderness from savagery to civilization. So the hysterics continued, and she managed to make her husband still think that they were due to her being about to become a mother. The worse her attacks were, the more devoted he became in his attention to her. At last he insisted that a doctor should see her. The doctor of course took in the situation at a glance, but said nothing to Ernest except in such a guarded way that he did not understand the hints that were thrown out to him. He was much too downright and matter-of-fact to be quick at taking hints of this sort. He hoped that as soon as his wife鈥檚 confinement was over she would regain her health and had no thought save how to spare her as far as possible till that happy time should come. You wouldn't dare to鈥攊n the public street! said Roland, startled. 鈥楾hank you again, so much.鈥?And with that the Colonel鈥檚 wife rode off. I know you would, John, but you have hard work scraping along yourself. � AV天堂網 鈥業t鈥檚 just what I thought,鈥?said 鈥榯he Boy.鈥?鈥楯ubbock means mischief, but I鈥檒l circumvent him, or my name鈥檚 not Joe Hanlon.鈥? [213] 鈥淭hen,鈥?said the tinker, 鈥済ive me the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as told in St. John鈥檚 Gospel.鈥? 鈥楢 son? By Mimie? He married her, then? Thank heaven for that! If, indeed, it be true.鈥? No. I shall bide my time, and consider how best to ruin him. If he is rich, I will strip him of his wealth; if he is respected and honored, I will bring a stain upon his name. I will do for him what he has done for me.