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The weather turned exceedingly cold and wet, and as camping was no longer desirable, the party packed up their things and left. They had not gone many miles on their return trip when the leading canoe scraped a rock. Water poured in so quickly that the crew, consisting of the two officers, with Bearie and Joe, had to swim ashore towing the wreck behind them. Joe was sent to the woods to gather spruce gum and birch bark, while the other three tried to kindle a fire. After much difficulty they succeeded in securing light rotten wood from the inside of a hollow tree, sufficiently dry to retain sparks from a flint, and in a short time three half-frozen men stood steaming before a huge fire. After two hours of fruitless search, the Frenchman returned unable to procure any birch bark, but with a quantity of gum, which he scraped into a small iron kettle, together with a small quantity of fat, and suspended it over the fire. "Ough!" groaned the young man. "Ough, but you're hurtin' me, you're hurtin' me." "At last we floated out upon the waters of Great Slave Lake, and new scenes opened before us. Far away in the distance the deep blue waters glowed and sparkled in the blaze of sunlight. Here and there islands of green contrasted with the brightness of the water that lay between them. Far away ahead of our canoe there seemed to nestle on the surface of the lake a small gray cloud. As we approached it I could just make out the shadow of an island, and I understood from the conversation of the Indians that we had at last reached our destination. � 鈥淭here are all kinds of parasitical people,鈥?said Corinna, 鈥渨ho try to sponge on students for drinks and meals and money鈥攂ut Fortinbras isn鈥檛 that kind. Now and again, but not often, he will accept an invitation to lunch or dinner鈥攁nd then it鈥檚 always for the purpose of discussing business. Whether it鈥檚 his cunning or his honesty I don鈥檛 know鈥攂ut nobody鈥檚 afraid of him. That鈥檚 his great asset. You鈥檙e absolutely certain sure that he won鈥檛 stick you for anything. Consequently anybody in trouble or difficulty goes to him confident that his five francs consultation fee is the end of the financial side of the matter and that he will concentrate his whole mind and soul on the case. He鈥檚 an odd devil.鈥? Only 'bout a mile, Mis' Kenyon. Are you tired? av天堂成人,日本一本大道高清,国产三级农村妇女系列,直接看的av网址免费的,在线AV观看 "Tell me, my boy, did you ever see a pain?" There is no worst, Allegra. I am out of sorts, that's all. I am going to town to see my lawyer. 鈥淗ow did you find my address?鈥? "'Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!' came thick and fast from every part of the camp. 鈥淣othing,鈥?said Martin, with a sigh.