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� "'The Laird o' Birrboy.' � � � ALSO, av—天堂手机网 鈥淵es,鈥?said Mr. Rollings, 鈥渉e鈥檚 a werry good boy, only that I can鈥檛 get him to learn his reading and writing. He don鈥檛 like going to school 鈥?that鈥檚 the only complaint I have against him. I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 the matter with all my children, and yours, Mr. Pontifex, is as bad, but they none of 鈥榚m likes book learning, though they learn anything else fast enough. Why, as for Jack here, he鈥檚 almost as good a bargeman as I am.鈥?And he looked fondly and patronisingly towards his offspring. � 鈥淲hat else in the world can I do? You know very well what happened to me. My poor old father was just able to send me to Cambridge because I had a good scholarship. When he died there was nothing to supplement the scholarship which wasn鈥檛 enough to keep me at the University. I had to go down. My mother had nothing but my father鈥檚 life insurance money鈥攁 thousand pounds鈥攁nd twenty pounds a year from the Freemasons. When she wrote to her relations about her distress, what do you think my damned set of Swiss uncles and aunts and cousins sent her? Two hundred francs! Eight pounds! And they鈥檙e all rolling in money got out of the English. I had to find work at once to support us both. My only equipment was a knowledge of French. I got a post at Margett鈥檚 through a scholastic agency. I thought it a miracle. When the letter came accepting my application I didn鈥檛 sleep all night. I remained there till a week or so ago, working twelve hours a day all the year round. I don鈥檛 say I had classes for twelve hours,鈥?he admitted, conscientiously, 鈥渂ut when you see about a couple of hundred pupils a day and they all do written work which needs correcting, you鈥檒l find you have as much work in class as out of class. Last night I dreamed I was confronted with a pile of exercise books eight feet high.鈥? � �