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A Patch-Work SCREEN FOR THE LADIES. LEAF III. The Pleasures of th' Exchange, Plays, Park, and Mall, And so I find it in the whole Course of thy Life. And, as thou sayest in this Poem, thou hast tryed divers means to chase away this unlucky Genius that attends thee; and, I am sensible, out of a true design'd Obedience to me: But since it will not do, I shall no more oppose thy Fancy, but comply and indulge so innocent a Diversion. As I was about to return her my Thanks, a Gentleman that had married our Kinswoman, came in. He cannot be a Gentleman, whate鈥檈r his station be! Jesus, Immanuel!鈥? 鈥極nce for sending a girl to an orphanage she sent for a prospectus of the school. In it two warm dresses were put down in the list of clothes. 鈥業t is very unreasonable,鈥?she said, 鈥榯o require two warm dresses.鈥?She had herself only one, and that she had been using for the last nine years. Her poem, 鈥淲hat a Missionary Miss Sahiba should be,鈥?is an embodiment of what she was.鈥? HEZYO高清 一本道 综合,一本道不卡中中文无码,天堂AV欧美AV高清无码不卡在线 鈥楽uch nice letters from India! Dear Henry is having my Tales translated into Hindustani, for the poor natives. Oh, pray, my Laura, that a blessing may go with them. Dear Robin preaches to upwards of a hundred blind, and bears the hot weather wonderfully well.鈥? Like white-winged angels rise the radiant throng A.D. 1893 Wrig. I see that nothing is beyond your apprehension. 鈥楳r. Lefroy went at the appointed hour, and, to his surprise, found about 500 Muhammadans waiting for him. They were very attentive listeners; but great, very great, must have been the strain upon the noble and gifted Missionary. Till midnight, for about five hours and a half, in hot Delhi, in the fiery month of June, Mr. Lefroy held up the Christian Banner against the Hafiz and others. At midnight, after one Muhammadan had been arguing against our Faith, the Hafiz said to him: 鈥淚f you can bring forward no better arguments, I will take the Missionary鈥檚 hand, and go out with him!鈥?He did not do so then; he had not sufficient courage to face the storm of opposition; and again he failed on another occasion, to Mr. Lefroy鈥檚 great disappointment. But after months, that Hafiz is a Baptized Christian now. God gave His champion the victory at last!鈥?